Conference of Indonesian Student Association in Korea (CISAK) 2008

27 01 2008

Conference of Indonesian Student Association in Korea (CISAK) 2008


Strategic partnership declaration between Indonesia and Korea that has been signed by the presidents of both countries gave new era for Indonesia-Korea relation. As stipulated in the “Joint Declaration on Strategic Partnership to Promote Friendship and Cooperation in the 21th Century,” both countries agree to enhance and develop the existing bilateral relations into 32(thirty two) fields of cooperation encompassing political and security; economy, trade and investment; and socio-culture. In order to realize those partnerships, it is needed understanding and supporting from all components.

Conference seems to be the right way to achieve above objective, since we can share thinking based on our expertise point of view. In fact, the same conference has been held organized by Indonesian Embassy in August 28 2007. However, the scope of conference was not covering for students or researchers. Realizing the importance of the above aspects, as part of Indonesian society in Korea, Indonesian Student Association in Korea, hereinafter called PERPIKA, is trying to hold a the first conference called “Conference of Indonesian Student Association in Korea (CISAK) 2008”. The CISAK 2008 will be held in conjunction with the annual PERPIKA meeting.


The CISAK 2008 has main objectives as following:

  1. Exploring the students and researchers perspective and ideas about the strategic partnership and related topics by giving some opinions through the papers
  2. Enhancing the friendship between Indonesia and Korea
  3. Enhancing mutual cooperation between Korea and Indonesia


“Enhancing the strategic partnership between Indonesia and Korea”


  1. Indonesian students and researchers
  2. Indonesian Embassy Officers
  3. Invited Korean students and researcher
  4. Invited Korean Professor

Topics of Paper

The topics of paper include, but not limited to :

  1. Agribusiness,
  2. Engineering,
  3. Biotechnology,
  4. Social and political science,
  5. Energy,
  6. Information technology,
  7. Environment and natural science,
  8. Linguistic,

The organizing committee will still consider other papers on topics not mentioned above, which may contribute to the general theme of CISAK 2008.

Due date and Venue

Due date : Sunday, February 17, 2008
Venue : Indonesian Embassy at Seoul

Paper Format

  1. Language : English is preferable
  2. Font : Times New Roman, size : 12, margin : 4, 3, 3, 3 Space : 1.5
  3. Maximum Pages : 4 Pages
  4. Style : One column (not 2 columns)

The paper, then kindly send to : and

Deadline of submission : February 12, 2008


Please download HERE!!




One response

17 03 2009

cari beasiswa ke korea tpi blum tau univ mna yg bagus .
bisa kasih saran .
aq skarang sekolah di smk 5 bandung jurusan kimia .
aq bner” pngen kuliah di korea .
terutama seoul .

dibales iaa

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